Introducing the San Antonio Physicians Network (SAPN).

Think of us as a way to improve your medical practice, assure your independence, and avoid excessive intrusion from other healthcare or government entities. Maintain your ability to make clinical decisions for your patients, keep your Tax ID and assets and liabilities separate. Organized as an LLC, owned and run by physicians, we offer you a way to organize, collaborate, and actively control your own operation and growth. We can also help you improve patient care, avoid duplication of services and staffing, and select the most efficient accounting, HR, billing, pension plans, and other business functions (use your own or contract with other members of SAPN for these services).

It’s all about integration.

Use clinical integration to improve patient care.

Preferred integration with Healthcare Access San Antonio. HASA provides integration of electronic medical record systems:

Enhance coordination of patient care via communication:

  • Share patient treatment data to avoid duplicative tests
  • Improve primary care/specialist communication
  • Access new electronic referral system to simplify administrative tasks

Define your own performance standards – with annual reviews/physician report cards:

  • Referral guidelines
  • Disease treatment guidelines
  • Quality assurance benchmarks for your given specialty
  • Performance improvement initiatives (performance data collection)

Improve outcomes and quality assurance:

  • Monitor wait times through patient tracking systems
  • Improve treatment of patients
  • Get better patient feedback

Use clinical integration to improve efficiency and profitability.

  • Take up to 12 months to achieve clinical integration.
  • Enhance revenue via more efficient business and patient management.
  • Negotiate provider contracts more effectively.
  • Utilize network as a platform for joint contracting.
  • Qualify for state/federal grants to assist in network implementation costs.
  • Centralize business support services.
  • Save through reduced operational costs.
  • Simplify physician hiring selection, staff training and more.